ABEC Board members and staff outside the American Baptist Churches Mission Center in King of Prussia, PA.

Join us in celebrating more than 55 years of Building the Church and Investing in the Kingdom.

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Why ABEC? Institutions that support and build the church and serve church members and their communities are part of the rich heritage of being an American Baptist. ABEC is the organization that helps finance church extension all across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico.

We are the entity through which American Baptists — churches, clergy, lay leaders and congregants — form a pool of funds through their investments in ABEC Notes. From a portion of those funds, churches and church-related entities borrow with ABEC Loans in order to build and renovate their facilities; the balance supports our operations and liquidity. Our investors know that their money is only benefiting institutions that share their Christian values.

For our borrowers, we are a dedicated organization that focuses on the needs of churches. The building planning services we provide to our church borrowers are broader and deeper than those offered by many financial institutions.

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For churches seeking to build and renovate, an ABEC loan provides more than funds. We’re with you every step of the way. Valoria L. Cheek, Esq. (above left), ABEC President and CEO, reviews building plans and financing needs at Siloam Baptist Church, Norristown, PA, which completed a major addition with classrooms, meeting areas, work space and an elevator. But we didn’t just make a loan, we assisted with long-range planning through our Comprehensive Building Services program, helping ensure that this church will meet the needs of their congregants and community for years to come.