Loan Basics

The ABEC Loan Program.

Since 1959, ABEC has been making loans to churches, institutions, and affiliated organizations for acquisition, construction, renovation, and capital improvement projects. ABEC Loan projects may be focused on important values around energy efficiency or conservation, accessibility, disaster relief, and new church development.

Sound project planning helps you qualify.

One of the key elements for successful borrowing is a long-range plan. Long-range planning helps a congregation to:
• Determine the needs of the church and community;
• Design programs that minister to those needs; and
• Use its facilities most effectively.

Churches or organizations that contact an ABEC representative for Building Planning Services early in the planning process can take advantage of ABEC’s assistance and are often in the best position to meet our lending criteria.

Sound planning also includes a realistic appraisal of financial capability, including a proper balance among program, mission, staffing, and capital expenditures. Also important is understanding the need for fundraising to support the project and for successful repayment of the loan. ABEC will look at a church’s capital fundraising efforts as a part of determining its ability to repay.


Churches or organizations that utilize ABEC’s Building Planning Services
early in the process will usually be in the best position to meet our lending criteria.