Borrowing with ABEC Loans

With the help of ABEC Loans, new churches build their first homes. Historic churches renovate old buildings for new, vital ministry. And established churches make their worship centers more efficient and accessible and upgrade their facilities for greater community service and outreach.

ABEC Loans—which fund property acquisition, new construction, major renovations, capital improvements, and upgrades for energy efficiency, improved accessibility, or disaster recovery—are an alternative to borrowing from a commercial institution.

We have more than 55 years of history serving churches and other faith-based organizations. Churches that borrow with ABEC Loans can be confident that we are the lending organization that truly understands their needs. Our rates are attractive and our service is specifically geared to understanding and meeting the unique needs of churches and church-related entities, including schools, day-care centers, camps, shelters, soup kitchens, and many other significant projects.

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ABEC funds projects that are architecturally sound, support the church’s ministry goals, and exhibit good stewardship of both human and natural resources.